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I stare at the world in an abstract and structural way but without losing awareness of its materiality.


Lorraine Thomas grew up in Paris in a modernist ‘milieu’. Her parents were practicing architects, as well as other member of her family. Immersed in floor plans and section plans drawn on tracing paper and sketch models since her early years, she developed a particular way to encounter ideas and forms, including every part of what she encounter within a vaster plan. She studied architecture in the Beaux Art in Paris and from that time she kept the idea that architecture is a science and has the power to make people behave a certain way and feel a certain way.


She moved to London in 2000 and switched to painting. In September 2015 she completed a Masters Degree in Painting at City & Guilds of London Art School. Since her graduation her work has been exhibited at the Turps Gallery, Charlie Smith London, the Griffin Gallery, and the ASC Gallery. In October 2016 she has opened a new Space Project ‘Pipeline West’ in Putney that she is running with my two partners, followed by an installation exhibited in the space. In March 2017 her work has been ‘Highly Commended’ by director Iona Blawick of the Whitechapel Gallery. In August 2017 her work was selected in the ASC Gallery Summer Show. In November 2017 Lorraine Fossi created a new installation ‘The Blurring of Art and Life’ in a laundrette in South London, followed by a major exhibition in Red Door Project Space in South Kensington, in December 2017 – Both were curated by Russian curator Olga Pagosava.

In July 2018 she won the Collyer Bristow Cash Award with a new installation “The Map of the Cemetery” and “Climbing Wall” painting. In October 2018 she was invited to Rome to meet  Gianfranco Baruchello a Dada artist who was a friend of Marcel Duchamps. After the double ‘exit’ of the British from Europe and a long marriage Lorraine decided to leave London. In March 2019 she settled in Marseille. In October 2019 she became the owner and artistic director of EMPRISE, a new espace project in Marseille.

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