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Picasso had many different style, actually he was changing style at each new mistress he had…
And after Guernica was made,  Picasso just went on and one in a compulsive manner, as if disconnected from his own intentions and vital guts, as if it was not really necessary for him anymore, to make art. An excellent book has been written on the subject by John Berger: The success and failure of Picasso.

I am not comparing myself nor my career with Picasso here, was just thinking about style. To me, the artist’s style stands up and shows life when the expression and use of the materials find a clear language through the artist choices. These choices are made to keep or get rid of certain habits, tropes, subject matter, taste, believes and should exist in one, single expression. Yet this transformation past to mature work should take place fully and accordingly to the artist inner originality, not through reduction and exclusivity. If you are loosing too much in order to get a style, you are going to put yourself in a corner, an unhappy one. Reducing my possibilities is something I want to consider, for a short time, a few months maybe. If it creates solutions and inclusiveness with what matters to me today, it will certainly take shape in something I will recognise to be right and better. If it creates frustrations and too much thinking, then I will let you know…

I have painted in a structured and abstract way.

4_small 72dpi

I have created daydream image, induced space, invited to the voyage…


I have also suggested realism, building volume with my paints, inviting the viewer to recognise a place, a feeling. 


I also draw a lot, and like to bring things, fragments together.