Mon histoire personnelle n’est ni la raison ni le but du travail, elle se place durant le travail.


Sex Machine (or male desire)
Acrylic and oil on superimposed linen, handles
55 x 90 cm

The work exists within the context of an interest in diagrams as well as a way of thinking about art which is created along the logic of a function – the artwork as ‘machine’  for sliding, for measuring, for climbing, for sex. It also considers painting in the expanded field and the idea of the diagram as transferable through media. The realisation of the work comes in experience, as a performance where the real and the imaginary come together. The ‘Sex Machine’ is a painting-object instantly recognisable for what it is: a painting a man can fuck. I conceived the ‘Sex Machine’ painting in response to a personal drama but this is not about me anymore. The work aims to provoke an instant laugh or embarras, it also makes a fool of the male desire for sex, selfishness and power. 

According to the nature of the ‘abstract machine’ painting the artwork can be understand as a prototype. The client would choose his handles, colour for the surface, fixing.



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