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I grew up in Paris into a family of architects; immersed in floor plans and section plans drawn on tracing paper and sketch models since my early years. My father would explain things to me with little sketches and arrows on napkins and tablecloths in cafes. I saw in the drawing a form of writing, a direct access to information as well as a fantastic conceptual tool.


Sketch for ‘Stretched’, 2016


Looking for connections between my abstract drawings and photographs of the real world.


Thomas is my bride name. This looks to me like a house and a postcard, both at once

SCAN 2016 1

Is the house a safe place,, what is a roof, is it safe?

SCAN 2016 22

Mirror, obscured, image, self, pills, camera, window

SCAN 2016 12

Figuring out … (Monkeys Experience Project)


SCAN 2016 18

Mirror, window, us, in a train


Scan 10

Preparatory studies for a Climbing Wall painting


IMG_6045 2

Men, religion, my father, death, a passion fruit


Religion – T tool – Device – in Space


Projet de peinture de la mer