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lorraine 18
Stretched, 2015 -16
Acrylic, oil, chalk, crayon on canvas, 200 x 100 cm, 200 x 100 cm, 200 x 100cm

Stretched is a trilogy of ‘landscape fragment’ paintings, another new body of work. Each painting is in acrylic and oil on canvas, framed by metallic bars, and might resemble to some a row of deckchairs or hospital stretchers, or closer in they might look like beach fronts, layers of inscription, slivers of sky.
From a far distance they perform in space like sculpture, and from a closer view like painting. They are both paintings and objects but not at the same time.


, Acrylic and Crayon on canvas, and 2 bars, 90 x 100 cm, Nov 2015


lorraine 11

lorraine 10


In case of emergency the stretchers should be used to transport the injured people!